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Sophia's Thai Kitchen, Davis CA

Sophia's is hands down one of my favorite restaurants/bars. I've been going there for more than a decade, and they have an enduring appeal. Sophia's is in a college town, so sticking around for this long is no mean feat in a place where restaurants and bars come and go with the changing of the seasons.

They offer a menu that is both diverse enough to keep interest and small enough that it's not unwieldy, like some chain restaurants. Their cocktail menu is updated to reflect current trends, and the rotating taps change often enough to have something for every drinker, no matter what your taste is.

I had the Barebottle Brewing Company (San Francisco) Pilsner, which was a lovely accompaniment to my entree, the citrus apple snapper. The beer was light, refreshing, and complimented the flavors of the main dish.

The snapper is fried, which was a touch dry. I wonder what would have happened with a sauteed version of the dish. The granny smith apple and red onion provide a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the fish.

Sophia's bar staff is top notch, and the Sazerac that I had proved this. We also had a favorite, the mojito. While I wish they still served it in an old fashioned glass instead of a pint, the flavor and kick is still there. The Sazerac was perfectly balanced and delightful. Their lead bartender, Asa, was in perfect form and made both of these cocktails without a hitch.

Overall, I definitely give them a 10/10, and can't recommend Sophia's enough. Located in downtown Davis, it's easy to get to and well worth the visit.


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